From the Director

September 9, 1974 was our first performance in a 2nd story loft theater on 14th Street in the meat-packing district n Manhattan, and it was a total sell-out! There were about a hundred folding chairs, with lots of people standing on the sides, and in the aisles.On August 9, 1999, the Trocks performed at Lincoln Center in Damrosch Park, as part of the Lincoln Center "Out of Doors" Festival. Every single chair was once again taken, and as many people as possible were standing around the sides of the park. It was the largest single audience for a dance performance in Lincoln Center's history.

It took the Trocks 25 years to move from 14th Street to 61st, but in between we've played most of the great theaters of the Western Hemisphere, as well as many great theaters in Europe, Asia (most fondly, ALL OVER Japan), and Australia. The Trocks have trekked from the permafrost of Siberia (Novosibirsk, Russia) to the burning sand of Southern Africa (Johannesburg, SA)!

The Trocks have traveled all over the world, and we are going to continue "Trockin" in the 21st Century.

Eugene McDougle


The Trocks Break 500!

It's official...the Trocks have now performed in over 500 cities in 33 countries worldwide.
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Trocks on Tour!

Photogropher Nilz Bohme captured the Trocks on tour at the Ronacher Theater in Vienna March 2003.
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Interview with Tory Dobrin

On September 16, 2002, Tory Dobrin, artistic director of the Trocks, was interviewed in Brisbane, Australia by John Frame on the radio show "This Way Out." The following topics were discussed:

  • hamming it up vs parody
  • audience response
  • protocol and comedy
  • the machismo of "Mythologia" and the masculinity of the Trocks
  • freedom of personal expression
  • young men seeing the Trocks as the dance compny of choice
  • the film "Billy Elliott" - acting on your dream

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